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If you have a teenager at home you would understand how difficult it can be to decorate a room for them.This article describes some of the ideas about how you can furnish a room for both teenage girls and boys.

Decorating Idea for Teenage Girls

When it comes to teenage girls, most of them would prefer to paint their room pink and have a floral theme.Some of the most common color schemes you would see in a teenage girl’s room are pink and white, pink and brown and turquoise and brown.If your teenager likes the pink theme, then you would have no trouble finding accessories to match the theme.You can find some light shade curtains. Another popular theme is the glamorous theme. If your teenager loves reading fashion magazines and has a love for shiny, glittery things, then you can make her happy by finding accessories, furniture and fabric that fit the theme.It may sound expansive, but you can easily find cheap chandeliers and lamps that look glamorous. If your daughter has an interest in arts, then you can also decorate her room using popular artwork, designs and patterns on walls. Some other themes for your teenage daughter are floral theme, black and white and French theme. It all depends on what your daughter would be interested in.

Decorating Ideas for Teenage Boys

Boys are always more easily satisfied than girls when it comes to bedroom decoration.Most of them are not even interested in what their room looks like unless they are passionate about some hobby or activity.So if you are planning to decorate your teenage son’s room, you might very well be on your own. If you want to keep it simple just pick a color theme and decorate the whole room accordingly. Some popular color themes for boys include blue, turquoise, green, red or black. One of the most popular themes for decorating a teenage boy’s room is the sports-related theme. If your son is passionate about football, basketball, baseball or any other sports, you can furnish his room accordingly. Another theme that most parents find it safe to follow is the car’s theme.
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